Friday, April 3, 2015

Wishing upon moon

I consistently sending resume to this 'company' for 6 years.
Like seriously enam tahun.
It shows how interested i am towards working with them.

But i am still with the tiger bank.
Meaning to say, belum ada rezeki.
Seeing my friend going there makes me smile.
Rezeki kamu and i know you deserve it.

Keep wishing upon moon nana.
Because if you fail, you might end up fall onto one of the stars...


Missing my parents, deeply..

Makin na berumur. Makin attached to the parents.
Am sooo in love.
Like missing them days and nights.

Hope they are here.. With me.
Bln lps mama eksiden, tersirap darah nana.
Tolonglah pelihara mereka ya allah.
Sebagaimana sempurnanya mereka memelihara ku.

Maaaaa... Pak....
Mai la dok ngan kcik...

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Am I up for new challenges?

It has been so long.

Sometimes, too long attach with the same thing ain't good right..

I do not know. Am tired and slowly wanna detach..


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