Midnight entry

12.43 am.

On my bed in sunway medical centre.
Cant sleep.
Tried but cant.

My neighbour.
Chinese lady with a son that have similar symptoms to Sufi's.
Vomitting, diarrhea n fever.
While her son is soundly sleeping, she's on the other hand is working with her laptop.

I can feel that she's working on something from the way she types. We can identify those blogging vs typing a work related stuffs rite?

I wanted to do something like that.
From home, or in this case from hospital.

When can i be one?
Insya allah one day.

Owh by d way I really hope Sufi is not diagnosed as rotavirus infection.
It's kinda scary if it is so.

But anyway we are in a good hand, with of course the best hand i.e. Allah.
Insya allah.


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