Friendship by courses

I was away from office for almost 1 month.
Like seriously tak masuk office langsung.
But i did went to the office once on sunday.
Merely because i cant take ut anymore.
Soooo missing the office.

Actually clear emails ja.

So met new friends from various banks.
Satu kepala.

Semoga study group kita menjadi.
Another one month for the exam.
Dalam hati ada gusar.

So bulan ni apart from policy, procedures, masterclass etc.
Malam na akan dihabiskan dengan study.
Donno whether i can make it or not.
But sometimes we don have any choices n gotta do what we gotta do.

Tolong doakan na n kawan2 berjaya.
Again, this might mean nothing to others but for me..
It is everything.


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