Little achievement

I am so proud of myself.
I realised that I ain't good at presentation / public speaking and anything to do with speak with couple of eyes on me.

Gosh, I have an issue with that.

But with the assistance, guidance n opportunity given by bosses, colleagues etc..
I am proud to say that I am improving.
Am ok sebab not yet reach the desired level.
Gonna be there soon.
Insya Allah.

I am now waiting for a result of someting important.
I have given my best.
Semoga rezeki berpihak pada nana.
Insya Allah.

Never thought of having such opportunity.
It was a really great experience.

And hey.
I am on one month course.
Away from office made me crazy sometimes.
I was so happy at the beginning and after a week, I started to miss everything about my office.
Yellow blood I am..

Another one week plus to go and I'll hit the gym back soon.
Course ni mkn sedap2.

Owh ya I am taking pkmc.
To be a certified dealer.
Insya Allah.
So far the modules have managed to confuse me.
Jenuh la nk study nanti.

Anyway pls pray for me.
Hopefully will share the good news with u guys soon.


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