Struggling between family and work

Anak2 jatuh demam. Prolonged fever I woud say. Almost 2 weeks with flu as well. I took 3 days off since baby sitter also unwell. Bagi baby sitter rehat la. They deserve MC as well.

At the same time I have one policy on my plate to be revised. Bayangkan.

Itu satu perkara yang most career mummy needs to face. Haish. Smoga semua ibu mampu melalui these kinda situation.

Above all, family is my priority while others can wait!

Malam ni plan to bring sufi again to klinik. Tgk apa yg x kena. Mudahan cuma demam biasa.

Letih lately, so ajak hubby to jalan2 sket. Mkn seafood ke. Hehe.


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