Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sarakids : Post-sales Service yang agak mengecewakan

Klik SINI, Nana memang tengah cari nursing backpack so easy nak naik train senang.
So I survey online (nowadays I susah nak ada me-time jalan2 shopping so easy for me to purchase online).
Jumpa la satu online shop ni.

1) I ordered, dapat confirmation, I paid and then only they revert saying that the bag is out of stock. I takmo colour lain so I mintak jasa baik the owner to refund which they did. Terima kasih Puan Zainab from www.ezzkids.com.

2) Then sambung survey and same situation again, order-confirm-pay. Then again the owner said takde stok, so I want them to refund. It took 11 days for them to refund which I think quite long and not reasonable. I did sent an email to them asking on the status twice, but I did not receive any response. After I whats app then only they respond and refund. They claimed that they have problem with the emails. Noted and hopefully they can ensure that this will not happen in future. Thank you http://www.babynme.com.my/.

3) I bought SE Stylo Mama Backpack package from http://www.sarakids.com/. Same process - order - confirmation - payment instruction - paid - senyap.

Sent receipt to them. But no response. So I guess I will receive a notification once they update in the system etc. But to no avail. On 16 Apr, I forwarded the same e mail to their admin team since the first email was addressed to payment team. I just afraid they might overlook the email. But still, no response. Until I received a parcel on 22 Apr from a totally different sender. I was confused since I'd supposed to receive refund from case (2) - refer above, and since I did not receive anything I afraid online store (2) actually able to get the stock and send it to me. I tried to call Sarakids few times but can't reach them. So I sent an email as per below and they responded accordingly. Which is good. But look what happen after I mentioned about the zip...

Hah. Senyap sunyi sampai sekarang?


Alhamdulillah. Sarakids setuju nak ganti beg tu. Pakai seminggu, 2 zip patah. Harga RM 140 takkan kualiti macam tu? So sekarang tengah tunggu alamat Sarakids sbb diorang baru pindah so tatau nak hantar ke mana. Tunggu alamat dulu ye. :)


Baca sendiri la ikut tarikh. Haish..

Monday, April 29, 2013


I was so happy during the weekend despite of I was unable to have a massage session at Sompoton Spa.
I always want to have a little get-a-way in KL.
Yes, tengah2 hiruk pikuk kota.

I had the opportunity last weekend at it was a blast.
5 minutes walking distance (or even less) to Pavilion. :)
Bukan la maksud nak shop till drop, we just jalan2 beli few things, makan, minum, makan, minum.
So happy.
If hubby read this, I just wanna tell you that I'd love to have that kind of get-a-way more in future.

So thank you majalah Cosmopolitan.
Owh, ya.
I won that voucher. .

Pics later.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ini kalilah...

I read.

I observe.

I listen.

I think.

I pray.

I want a change.

Actually I am always on the non-dacing side!

I have voted twice.

And this would be my third one, Insya Allah.

I already have who, what I want to rule Malaysia in my mind.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ibu yang kecewa

Alhamdulillah, Sufi dah discharged after 5 days 4 nights of admission in Sunway Medical Centre.
Been diagnosed as Pneumonia.
I am in denial. :(
Sufi mula demam, batuk, selsema on Monday 15 Apr 2013.
Selasa 16 Apr 2013 petang baby sitter call cakap Sufi batuk teruk and keep crying so I went back and singgah klinik. Doktor said ada bunyi dekat lung, so buat nebuliser.
Esok Wednesday 16 Apr 2013 patut repeat buat nebuliser again.
Tapi by wed tue dah makin teruk.
Berbunyi and he refused to drink / eat.
Senyap je, tak aktif.

So decided mintak referal letter, kitorang straight to Columbia Asia sebab dekat (masa to peak hour orang balik keje) taknak la stuck dalam jem. Malangnya wad penuh. So kesimpulan admitted kat SunMed. Under Dr ****. 

How to said eh? Sighh.. I maybe wrong but I am not comfortable with his Paed. I am sorry, maybe that's his style but I cannot accept the way he treated Sufi. :( I better keep to myself but all I can say is I am really sad / unhappy with him. But I would express my gratitude to all 5B ward's nurses. You guys were really nice! :) Keep it up.  

I'll bring Sufi to his Paed this Saturday. His real Paed in PMC. Hopefully Sufi will recover and does not has pneumonia. :(

And today, I have to work. Leave lil one with baby sitter. He'll be in good hands. Insya Allah.

Because the symptoms are very similar to a cold (runny nose), pneumonia (pneumonia) in infants is often overlooked by parents. In fact, not a few infants who had died from diseases caused by these viruses.

Pneumonia is a type of infection that attacks the lungs (pulmonary bubble and surrounding tissue). This is caused by a variety of germs. This disease may be preceded by infection of the nose and throat and then charge into the lungs a few days later.

Germ carriers of pneumococcal disease can affect anyone, from newborn babies to adults though. Unfortunately, when pneumonia overwrite newborns, the consequences could be very fatal if not immediately treated. The reason, according to the WHO website, pneumonia or pneumonia is a major cause of death in children worldwide.

Similar symptoms Colds.
Toddlers with low immunity are still not familiar with viruses or bacteria that enter the body. Therefore, if there is a virus that enters the body, the immune bodies do not recognize the virus, the result can lead to lower respiratory tract infections.
In addition, the process of organ growth in immature babies also become a factor of infection so that it can weaken the antibody toddlers. Pneumonia symptoms similar to flu or colds in general. No dramatic effects, such as direct death or disability, so many parents who often ignore the disease in. In fact, the disease is dangerous because it can cause death in children because the lungs can not perform its function to get oxygen to the body.

Many parents still do not understand the condition of her son who was stricken with pneumonia and its effects.
Germs that cause pneumonia can be a bacteria or virus that reaches the lungs in various ways. For example, germs in dirty air and then inhaled through the nose and throat into the lungs and eventually cause an infection. In addition, the newborn is the most vulnerable groups and susceptible of contracting pneumonia from the birth mother through the streets during the birth process.

In addition to infants, children with low immune systems also include vulnerable groups affected by pneumonia.

Recognize Characteristics by Rhythm Breath Counting.
The easiest way to recognize if a child stricken with pneumonia is to count his breath in a minute.
1. Characteristics of children whose age is less than 2 months, when stricken with pneumonia is the breathing faster than 60 times per minute.
2. If age 2-12 months, then his breathing faster than 50 times per minute.
3. Meanwhile, if age 1-5 years, breathing faster than 40 beats per minute.

Parents can do at home counting the breath, to determine whether the children had early rapid breathing or not.
If it is true, immediately bolt to the doctor to get further treatment. If not, can be fatal.

Pneumonia can be Healed.
Although including severe disease, the parents need not worry, the article, pneumonia is a disease that can be treated. So, if done quickly and precisely, then the patient will be helped. All it takes is able to detect accurately.

In addition, adequate nutrition is also essential to improve the child's immune to all diseases. With exclusive breastfeeding for first 6 months of age children, the child's immune system can be maintained well against pneumococcal disease (pneumonia) or other diseases.

In order to avoid children from pneumonia, the parents should really pay attention to your child's growth Parents must know the immunization schedule and make regular visits to the doctor or child health nurse and ask for a vaccine to prevent pneumonia.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Pray for his speedy recovery

Lil sufi admitted since wed. High fever, cough, phlegm, flu. Please Allah, grant me n hubby great health as well as patience to go thru this. Saif also been referred to paed due to similar symptom as above. :-(

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What a lovely life

Sibuknya. Alahai.
Makin kurang update kan?
Takpe, not that important though.
Janji semua kenangan simpan dalam hati, ikat mati.

I'm going to spend my weekend kat hotel free.
Hehe, meanng contest.
Voucher expires April, saya pegi end of March.
Bagus sangat!
Tapi redeem tetap redeem.

Taken from website.
Mari kita tengok esok cantik macam ni ke x.
Malamnya saya nak makan steak!
Please Papa, i don want bandar punya steak. Saya nak steak kampung.

Now dah tak naik keta gi opis, naik train.
So I need a comfy cooling bag.
Kalau boleh back pack

I've purchased it online. 
Hopefully ada stock.
Dah 3 online I tried, semua out of stock.
Pasni no more handbag, terus beg sekolah.

Ok, ni paling syukur.
I got the key of my new house.
Merasa ada rumah bertanah.
Now tengah looking for a contractor untuk mini renovation + installation barang2 dalam rumah.
We wont move that fast.
Insya Allah.
Harga rumah sekarang pun akan naik since MRT station located just a few minutes from my house.
So duduk dulu diam2.
Paling penting kena figure out baby sitter, kindie, transport nak pegi keje etc.
Macam2 nak kena fikir before move in.

So Alhamdulillah.
Hidup yang indah.

On election, I definitely will vote!
Tunaikan tanggungjawab kat negara.
Amik cuti lama sikit, balik kampung!!!

Vote wisely ya!
Nak pegi cari duit.
I need plus minus RM60 ribu untuk rumah baru.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Owh no, not again!!!

Why Why Why?
Why I need to face this?

I'm catching up...

Refer to entry EBM ni, Na dah niat nak stock up balik.
So beli valves medela baru, and Alhamdulillah both Harmony and Swing work well.
So I have two options, which now I prefer to use Swing.
Hoi, dah 6 bulan pakai Harmony.
Memang Harmony la tangan mengepam.

So far, I love Swing.
Maybe kalau ada rezeki, anak ketiga nanti beli FreeStyle pulak.
Amin. :)

Na still on Shaklee supplement.
And Na dah mula buat power pumping.
Mind you, I buat malam saja.
10 minit kanan ( I do it for 20 mins instead), rest 10 mins (I cheated here, I rest only for 5 mins), 10 minit kiri, rest 10 mins. And ulang for  1 hour.
And Alhamdulillah, it works.
EBM makin bertambah.
Syukur rezeki Allah untuk Sufi.

Confirmed, Sufi is not a picky eater.
Avocado also he can eat selamba!
Bravo baby!
Let's try more veggie next week.
No meat for u yet, wait till 8 months.


Did my second pap smear last Saturday at PMC, Bangsar.
Dr Idora jugak, scan and pap smear dengan kos RM 170.
Then tadi dapat result, normal.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Bad Mood

Image is google ed

Ada masalah dengan valve ni.
Both valves of harmony and swing rosak.
Yang harmony sebab I asek gigit, so dah rosak. Suction x kuat dah.
Swing --? Patah!

Bought new one yesterday, still suction x kuat.
I wonder why.

Friday, April 5, 2013

I need to stock up my EBM stock back!

Terpana bila bukak deep freezer.
Bekalan susu makin berkurangan.
Sufi guna 7 x 5 oz sehari.
Quite demanding.
While Mama only manage to get 15 - 20 oz per day.
There's a gap between demand and supply there.
Sufi needs 35 oz while Mama can only provide 20 oz.
A huge gap of 15 oz!

I stopped pumping during weekend for quite sometimes.
I need to do it back.
Maintain 3 times pumping session at office, add 2 more sessions at nite / morning.
Then weekend kena pam sama macam hari biasa.
3-5 times a day.
Come on Nana.
U can do this.

Ya Allah, bantulah aku untuk terus berusaha member susu ibu buat anakku. Hanya padaMu aku berharap.
Kawan-kawan, pray for me!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

When the best I done is not good enough...

Ok, where to start?
Lately sangat busy, with everything.
Segala-galanya nak happens at the same time.

After demam on and off, migraine, low bp yada yada...
I am better now.
Sihat Alhamdulillah.

I spent a lot of time with my parents during their visit last month.
We went back hometown In Laws for few days.
Catching up with them.

We made a right decision to send him to the school.
He learnt a lot.
I am a proud and happy mama.
Makan banyak, kadang2 buat perangai jugak, 80% diaperless.
Tapi nak poopoo tetap dalam mamy poko.
Using sip cup instead of bottle.
He's my big boy.
Love him!

Has 2 teeth.
Still fully breastfeed.
Started solid food when he was 6 months young.
Has tried potato, carrot, peas, dates, apple, banana, papaya, brown rice.
So far looks like he's not a picky eater.
Dah merangkak 2 3 langkah.
Duduk sometimes.
Mengesot sungguh cepat!

My day starts at 5.30 am everyday and will end at 11 pm.
Bangun awal, siapkan EBM, siapkan bekal solid food, siapkan breakfast Saif, sidai baju/angkat baju, iron baju.
Tempuh jem, naik tren, sampai office mula keja bla bla.
Balik umah sampai malam kadang2 pukul 8 pm, kadang2 pukul 10 pm.
Main guling2 ngan anak2.
Start balik, basuh botol ebm, basuh baju, masak dinner/makan bla bla bla.
Pam buat stok.

For dis month, we'll spend 2 weekend at the hotel. :)
What a sweet short vacation for tired mama.

3 words :

Monday, April 1, 2013

Best Deals : Shawl & Bawal & 3 Layer Fareeda Inspired

Salam semua.
Sekarang trend pakai Halfmoon Shawl kan?
So Na ada few samples halfmoon yang sangat2 cantik dan ceria.
Sesuai dan senang dipakai.

Yang gambar bawah ni tudung bawal.
Ada manik, dan batu.
Macam2 design, macam2 warna.
Harga depends on manik.
Ada RM 35, ada RM 40.
It's cheap, affordable yet trendy!
Grab yours now!

3 layer Fareeda inspired also available!
Kain chiffon berkualiti.
Warna segar bugar dari ladang.

Please add my sis at http://www.facebook.com/syahirah.hani / search for Syahirah Bukhari page and like it!

Mail syahirahhani(at)gmail(dot)com for more details.


Mention my name - Cik Nana- for special price!


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