Change for the better

Ok la, I should listen to my parents.
Because they know best.
Even sometimes macam tak logik, tak tepat, and seribu satu kegusaran..
Percayalah, at the end..
Apa yang our parents advise is the one we have to do actually.

Tersepit sungguh lately.
Bukan salah orang, salah diri sendiri.
Takkan kemana kita, kalau asyik tuding jari sana-sini.
Just learn over the mistake.

Maybe I have to learn, buka tangan, buka minda, buka hati.
Apa saja yang dapat, try to do the best of it.
Be it lambat dapat ke, orang punya ke.. We have an option either to do, or not to.
So in this case, I will do.

Trust me, we are judged as a team first, then only individual.
So, do what best for the team.


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