Be strong, my little girl. Bapak will be OK.

Adik perempuan kesayangan manja Na dah selamat melahirkan her first baby.
Syukur Alhamdulillah.
It's a normal delivery, I'm so proud of u! :)
Semoga menjadi ibu yang terbaik untuk my 6th anak buah!
Owh, it's a HE.
Another birdie in the house.

On the other note, Bapak was admitted - the same day my sis delivered.
In the same hospital. 
I know how tense the situation right now.
To Kaksu, Afiq will take a good care of u.
No worries.

While Mama will be at Bapak's side.
Insya Allah with Kakteh and Abg Cik as well.
I'm going back soon.

Tolong sahabat, doakan dua (tiga actually) insan kesayangan Nana nie.


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