Just came back

Owh, I had a blast anniversary vacation.
PD saja, 4 days 3 nights but in 2 different hotels.
Ada salah faham sikit on the hotel reservation but it's OK.
We managed to stay in 2 nice and comfy hotel what.
Apa lagi ku mahu.
Ya, ya, we had our 'candle light' dinner.
It was so fun or should I said funny?
Ended up, I ate my sooo delicious tenderloin steak while hubby looking after baby and then tukar.
Pon boleh!

Owh on the other note.
Lepas fikir punya fikir punya fikir.
Closed deal.
We have hired a contractor to beautify (donno wujud ke x ayat ni hahaha) our house.
Tambah dapur sejengkal dua, and some build in cabinets, wardrobe, shoe rack, plaster ceiling.
And it costed us a BOMB!
Hampir pitam but positive, this is asset babe!
Yeah, it will be liability in a short term anyway.
So, the contractor has started the work yesterday.
Can't wait to see the result.

I love u rumah comel.
And anak-anak comel.
And suami comel of course.


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