Sarakids : Post-sales Service yang agak mengecewakan

Klik SINI, Nana memang tengah cari nursing backpack so easy nak naik train senang.
So I survey online (nowadays I susah nak ada me-time jalan2 shopping so easy for me to purchase online).
Jumpa la satu online shop ni.

1) I ordered, dapat confirmation, I paid and then only they revert saying that the bag is out of stock. I takmo colour lain so I mintak jasa baik the owner to refund which they did. Terima kasih Puan Zainab from

2) Then sambung survey and same situation again, order-confirm-pay. Then again the owner said takde stok, so I want them to refund. It took 11 days for them to refund which I think quite long and not reasonable. I did sent an email to them asking on the status twice, but I did not receive any response. After I whats app then only they respond and refund. They claimed that they have problem with the emails. Noted and hopefully they can ensure that this will not happen in future. Thank you

3) I bought SE Stylo Mama Backpack package from Same process - order - confirmation - payment instruction - paid - senyap.

Sent receipt to them. But no response. So I guess I will receive a notification once they update in the system etc. But to no avail. On 16 Apr, I forwarded the same e mail to their admin team since the first email was addressed to payment team. I just afraid they might overlook the email. But still, no response. Until I received a parcel on 22 Apr from a totally different sender. I was confused since I'd supposed to receive refund from case (2) - refer above, and since I did not receive anything I afraid online store (2) actually able to get the stock and send it to me. I tried to call Sarakids few times but can't reach them. So I sent an email as per below and they responded accordingly. Which is good. But look what happen after I mentioned about the zip...

Hah. Senyap sunyi sampai sekarang?


Alhamdulillah. Sarakids setuju nak ganti beg tu. Pakai seminggu, 2 zip patah. Harga RM 140 takkan kualiti macam tu? So sekarang tengah tunggu alamat Sarakids sbb diorang baru pindah so tatau nak hantar ke mana. Tunggu alamat dulu ye. :)


Baca sendiri la ikut tarikh. Haish..


CuppyCakeMommy said…
teruknya babe..tukar balik..iftakdestock mintak refund..u have the right

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