Thursday, April 11, 2013

I'm catching up...

Refer to entry EBM ni, Na dah niat nak stock up balik.
So beli valves medela baru, and Alhamdulillah both Harmony and Swing work well.
So I have two options, which now I prefer to use Swing.
Hoi, dah 6 bulan pakai Harmony.
Memang Harmony la tangan mengepam.

So far, I love Swing.
Maybe kalau ada rezeki, anak ketiga nanti beli FreeStyle pulak.
Amin. :)

Na still on Shaklee supplement.
And Na dah mula buat power pumping.
Mind you, I buat malam saja.
10 minit kanan ( I do it for 20 mins instead), rest 10 mins (I cheated here, I rest only for 5 mins), 10 minit kiri, rest 10 mins. And ulang for  1 hour.
And Alhamdulillah, it works.
EBM makin bertambah.
Syukur rezeki Allah untuk Sufi.

Confirmed, Sufi is not a picky eater.
Avocado also he can eat selamba!
Bravo baby!
Let's try more veggie next week.
No meat for u yet, wait till 8 months.

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