My first experience NIP was at IOI foodcourt. We just bought the food, the baby room is no where to be seen, car parked at the rooftop and baby was crying loud.. I did not have nursing cover yet at that point if time. But i did bring my shawl. So there was it. Baby can drink, papa n abang can happily eat. Of course mama disuap papa for several times. Yang paling kalut was saif. Takut sangat orang tengok mama tgh bf. Padahal i was fully covered by a shawl. Tetap saif nak tolong lindung. Hehe.

The next na pernah NIP kat umah kenduri, clinic, hospital, but kali ni with proper nursing cover la. But usually na try to bf sufi sekenyangnya before we go out to public. Tp kalau keadaan mendesak, i have to NIP and will do it.

I am open about NIP. As long as we covers what we should, then wouldnt be a problem.

I love the nursing cover I bought online. Kedaichomeyl kot. Huhu x ingat. Cute, besar..


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