Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Add value to myself?

Nasib Na kurang baik tahun ni.
Na tak tahu mana silapnya, but there must be a reason.
Allah knows best.
He wants me to work harder, perhaps..
Or maybe find other alternatives.
Atau maybe it's just not the time, yet.

Refer to azam keempat di sini.
Interview sudah, internal test sudah.
Tetap senyap tanpa khabar berita.
I want it badly.
Sedih sangat bila jadi macam ni.
Sekarang dah bulan Feb, exam would be twice a year which are May & Nov.
Kalau sign in now, imagine I have only 3 months untuk study for May?
3 months - 4 books - kurang lebih 40 topics

I should not ask others, I should ask myself.
Because only me myself knows my capabilities, whether I can go through this hurdle or not.

With workloads, house chores, family.
Sufi Qaisy masih menyusu, ebm perlu di top up.
Saif Rizq dah sekolah, breakfast kena sediakan.
Papa, definitely yang teratas.
Boleh ke tidak.

I am also thinking whether I am financially stable to afford the cert myself.
My house dah completely ready, kindie Saif, babysitter for both Saif & Sufi, transportation fee, insurance.. bla bla and the list goes on.
Can I afford it?

Orang selalu cakap, bersusah-susah dahulu, bersenang kemudian hari.
Maybe that's what I have to bear now.
I think I'm gonna do it.
I'm going to pay it on my own.
Above all, it will be a great value-added skills kan?
So, let's do it Nana!

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♥ Wina ♥ said...

Allah know what's best for you

all the best, Na :)


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