Weird feeling

I've been kicked out.
It's just a small matter.
It's just that was the 1st job I ever fall in love with.
I had struggled so much, to reach the destination.
And I have learned a lot from the journey.

And out of sudden, I've been 'kicked out'.
For the nonsense reason.
I know, that meant nothing.
Not even affecting my salary, bonus, etc.
It's just the 'thing' is soooo meaningful to me.
I am breathing, eating, sleeping, living it for solid one year.

Yes, I am crying for being terminated.
No, no. 
Please do not speculate, I am still employed.
It's just I've been terminated from 'accessing' something which really close to me.
So sad.
I wonder why am I crying for a simple things.
Again, maybe I can blame it on the hormone.

Let move on.
I may be losing something today, without realising that I am actually gaining much more onwards.
That's the spirit Na.
Keep it on.


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