Not a fruitful week!

I felt really bad.
And down.
Hate this feeling but sometimes I just can't help it.
It just happened.

Suddenly everything seems so different.
Looks so difficult.
Things that I used to be familiar with seems like an alien!
I just don't know how to start and please do not ask how am I going to end this.
I wanna cry.

I have only a week.
And I don't know whether I can do that or not.
Ya Allah, tolong tenangkan hati hambaMu.

Now, I felt tired.
And not in the mood at all.

Mungkin fikirkan aktiviti hujung minggu nie boleh membantu?
I'll be attending an ante natal class at PCMC.
We are just excited and can't wait for the day.
We did not have the opportunity to attend one when I was pregnant previously.
So, kali nie.
Nothing can stop us.
With Allah's will, definitely.

So, Saif dear..  We have to leave you.
Please be good.
We love u.
Mama and Papa need the knowledge.

That would be on Saturday, we also have maternity photoshoot session on Sunday.
We look forward for the session.
Not only maternity, it would also be a family photoshoot la.
So hopefully everything goes well.

Insya Allah, Amin.
Hehe, I'll smile a bit.
But looking at the graph make me feel bad again!


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