Ante Natal Parent craft : Prince Court Medical Centre

First of all, I went to the Ante Natal class because I wanted to.  Na tak pegi sebab nak ikut orang, nak ikut trend or so whatever.  Na nak pegi sebab Na nak belajar.  Yes, more or less we can always browse through internet to learn but I prefer to attend one.  Whether it helps or not, I think for me, it does help.  I don't know about other people.  Sama macam pegi kelas bahasa inggeris, whether it is applicable or not, it depends on u.  If u apply, then it does help.  If not, baca sepuluh buku, attend seratus kelas pun tak guna.  Ok?

So, I attended one at Prince Court Medical Centre on 14th July 2012.  Reason being, I can't afford to attend night class or several weekends punya schedule.  Of course kalau boleh Na nak attend Dr Idora punya class but I just can't make it.  So, cari punya cari Na cuma jumpa kelas kat PCMC yang suit my schedule and it is only a day class.  The fee is RM 250 per couple. 

We arrived there around 8.00 am, registered and had a light breakfast.  Sandwiches and milo.  Dalam hati, owh perut.. Bertabahlah.  Haha.  Lunch makan sedap.  Steamed rice, kari ayam, fish fillet masam manis, steamed vege.  Yummy.  Hi tea makan sagu (santan & gula merah).  Hehe.

Got feedback form.  

Dapat goodie bag.


Na duduk barisan ketiga.  Bersemangat nie.  Haha, the class attended by 25 couples.  

Dari pukul 8.30 am sampai pukul 6.00 pm.  I love all sessions EXCEPT the first session for some reason.  You can see the tentative HERE.  

Na suka jugak physio class nie where she taught the effective breathing technique, how to push etc.  Love, love, love.  Thank you hubby for accompanying me.  Thank you so much.

Klimaks :  Tour to the labour room / ward.  I've never been in labour room so perasaan adalah sangat lain.  Huhu, tapi bilik nie macam best.  Tatau la during the labour stage bilik nie jadik horror ke tak..  Hehe.  *takut dah tetiba*  Jenguk jugak junior suite which costed RM 1k per night.  Wee, boleh dapat 2 malam di Golden Sepang kot!!  Hye Petronas HRians, please hire me!  Hehe.  Being a self payer, RM 350 is a maximum cap I put to myself for delivery.  

So I concluded that the class was so useful, interesting.  Tak mengantuk and the moderator : Puan Haisah is the best.  Macam ibu2 yang mengajar anak dia.  Love her.  So, for the amount paid, I ranked the session 4.5 out of 5!


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