Try not to feel stress...

Not good for Mama.
Not good for Papa.
Not good for Saif.
Not good for baby S.

I have to remain calm.
Even I am so tired.
Scrubbing data till late night is not funny, not interesting though...
But I have to.
There's no option.
Nak sampai destinasi, kena kayuh sampan.
It's part of journey anyway.
So, just do it and pray hard it will satisfy the big fish.
If not as expected, then I have to redo.
Another not-so-good-moment for me.

One more day, and it's over.
Ok, over for this week.
Minggu depan sambung lagi.
Apa mahu buat, this is life!

Hectic schedule till end of July.
Lepas tue harap boleh berpuasa dengan tenang.
Another short vacation coming soon.
Short, near but we hope it will be sweet.
Such as our Bagan Lalang vacay.

So, till we meet again.
And baby S, please be patient with Mama's tensed situation.
Trust me, it will be over.


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