I'm all emo...

Sorry for not being besides u during this special time.
There's no one to be blamed, it's just my fault..
I can only be with u tonight.

Hope, I won't cry during yr big day.
I wish I don't burst into tears tomorrow.
That's the strange feelings that I have currently.

I'm all emo.
Because I felt like u are my little girl.
And now, u are going to tie the knot with the one u love..
Don't get me wrong, I am happy for u.
It's just that I can't help from thinking that u'll become in someone's hand/responsible later.

I know u are all grown up.
But deep in my heart.
U are my little sis.
The one I like to bully and scold.
I do love u.

I hope u'll be happy with yr new life.
I'll pray for yr happiness.
Insya Allah, Amin.

See ya tonight.
Can't wait to see yr beauty smile and face tom.
Take care dear sis.
I love u.
Selamat Pengantin Baru in advance.


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