Hey July, please be nice to me!

Few more days before approaching July.
So far, my July dates are fully utilised.
I have a lot of to do things throughout the month (to be exact, before start puasa)..
So, I really hope July would be nice towards me.

Nak recap balik TO DO LIST Na.

SATU : After further discussed with hubby, we are going to give a try to deliver in PMC.  So, I do not have to rush to KK / Hosp Putrajaya anymore for appointment / booking / etc.  

DUA : Dah checked several hospital and most of them offers night class / several weekends which I cannot commit to it.  :(  So, last resort I found one in Prince Court Medical Centre which offer Saturday class.  I'll register tomorrow for July class.  Hopefully, there are still available seats for us. 

TIGA : Barang baby.  Baju baby (Abang Saif )dah diasingkan, tinggal nak basuh je.  I've prepared a list of things which I need to buy.  I'll check with Mothercare when would be the next sale and will go and shopping one off.  :)  Tak larat jalan jauh2 dah.

EMPAT : Barang Mama.  List dah siap, ada yang nak beli kat Jusco and ada yang kat Mothercare jugak.  So, dah narrow down tempat shopping.  Cuma kena expand the pocket a bit.  Haha.

LIMA : Kerja.  Ini on going.  ^_^


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