Of dual reporting...

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This is not the first time I have the opportunity to work with 2 bosses.
I think since I join the department, I get the opportunity straight away.

Dual reporting means double works.
I take it positively even at first ada kelam kabut sana-sini.
Yang A nak macam nie, yang B extra advance nak lagi hebat punya and cek tersepit tengah-tengah.
Skang dah get used to it and we already have a proper planning.
Thanks God that my other boss keep travelling here and always keep in touch via mail
So, the teams are on the same page.

Na bersyukur ada peluang macam nie.
And tambah bersyukur sebab berpeluang bekerja dengan foreigners which have a different culture from us.
So we can learn each others' as well as complimenting each others.

As of now, I can handle this dual reporting and happy with it.


Nor Afiza said…
http://alifafiza.blogspot.com/lil saif nak jd abang :)/

kak nana..cngrtes..:)

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