Frustrated with Posh Nails Spa!!! (updated 100512)

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Sangat-sangat kecewa.
I sent the complaint letter and let's see the feedbacks.

Na tak kisah pun nak buang the vouchers kalau layanan macam nie yang Na dapat!
Na pernah deal ngan Jojoba, Tanamera, Dewi Sri Spa, yang offer tip top services.

Hah, go and learn more on how to appreciate yr customer!

Updated on 10/05/12

I received a call from Groupon yesterday (09/05/12) around 6.00 pm and the guy said he wanted to assist me in making a reservation with Posh Nails.  Na pelik, kenapa pulak Groupon yang call?  I had problem with Posh Nails, bukan Groupon.  And the guy said the spa has forwarded the mail to Groupon, hence Groupon will play a role as a mediator la lebih kurang.  I pissed off and terfikir apa susahnya Posh Nails call Na balik untuk settle this thing?  Kenapa kena libatkan Groupon pulak?  Na takkan redeem the vouchers sebab for me tak berbaloi dengan layanan yang Na terima.  Na takkan pergi and takkan suggest the spa to anyone else.  Sebab my experience adalah sangat teruk so that's it.  I insisted to hear from Posh Nails instead!

Updated on 10/05/12 (4.30 pm)

Finally, I received a call from Kelly (Posh Nails) at 4.28 today.  She did apologies on what had happened and she said her staff just wanna let me know that I cannot cancel the appointment at a very last minute.  Then I said she can speak properly instead of simply raise the voice to the customer right.  And Kelly claimed, she did not know how the staff is actually responded to me and apologies again.  Kelly also asked whether I wanna set a new appointment with them and I straight away told her that I don't feel like going anymore.  She said, this is your choice, and your choice is your choice.  Kononnya dia dah call but I still takmo pegi so it's not their problem.  I don't care, I just tear the vouchers...  Haha, and that's it.  She ended the conservation.

Conclusion : Bub bye Posh Nails, you do not deserve a customer like me.  


♥ Wina ♥ said…
eeuww! kenapa rude sangat?? ini baru kat fon, kalau Na pegi sana, entah mcm mane service dorang hurmmmm

hopefully the management take some action
Liz Rohaizat said…
elok buat complaint. jangan dibiarkan saja. saya mmg pantang kalau jadi camtu. dah la kata OK lepas tu terus letak telefon. takde cara langsung nak appreciate customer. kalau cakap, OK THANK YOU, sedap juga mendengarnya
CIK NANA said…
Wina : I bukan nak dia layan macam princess pon. Cuma, elok2 la layan customer. Mmg la I beli voucher murah je, tp customer la jugak. And I geram sebab dia marah2 I cancel. I bukan sengaja! Geram sangat! ;(
CIK NANA said…
Liz : I dah lodge complaint tp tatau la dia layan ke x. Tapi i mmg hangen. Sbb sangat inappropriate layan customer macam tue.
Maskmen said…
The title of this blog entry scared me! I thought you are talking about the Posh! Nail Spa in TTDI.
Come try the real Posh! Nail Spa in TTDI, good ambiance, good service :)
Hweii Chiee said…
Omg I thought I was the only one!!!
They were very rude to me also.
I blogged about it:-

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