Approaching week 24 ( 6 months )

Sekarang Na letih sikit.
Tak larat lipat baju, kemas rumah etc.
Tidurkan Saif dan terus tertidur.
Pukul 8 pm dah zzzz.
I am really tired.

  I would like to extend the heartiest appreciation to my other half, cinta hati, suami saya.
He never complaint.
And did majority of the house chores.
Terima kasih sekali lagi.

Na harap dikurniakan kekuatan dan tenaga untuk buat kerja2 rumah seperti sebelumnya.

Of lil baby, we knew the gender already.
I saw it during my previous check up in PMC.
No baby stuffs bought yet up to date.
Will start next month.
Insya Allah.

Sekarang baby sangat active bergerak.
And since this is my second pregnancy, I tend to notice those first subtle kicks (quickening) earlier waktu 4 bulan.
And now, lil baby bergerak banyak especially dalam pukul 9 am (while having the breakfast la kot) heheh, then pukul 11 am (maybe lapar nak lunch), petang akan slow down (I guess baby is sleeping), pukul 4 pm akan bergerak banyak balik (nak balik jumpa Papa and Abang kot) and malam.
Saif dah pernah rasa adik punya tendangan.
Terkejut Saif.

Kadang-kadang perut mengeras dan selalunya belah kanan.
Belah kiri macam kosong jek.
And Alhamdulillah pregnant kali nie Na takde masalah uri di bawah which Na ada waktu mengandungkan Saif sampai bleeding and dapat MC seminggu.
Syukur sangat kali nie agak smooth.
Doakan Na selamat bersalin.
Cuma Na berharap sangat jangan la lil baby duduk songsang.
Yang menyebabkan Na kena c-sect waktu Saif dulu.
Lil baby kena duduk elok-elok, kepala kat bawah and kaki kat atas tau.
Baru boleh keluar cara yang betul.
Insya Allah.

Till then, bye peeps.
Jom baca sikit info on the week 24.

Fetal development in pregnancy week 24

11.8 in | 30 cm
1.3 lbs | 590 g
It's another week full of exciting developments for your magical growing baby!
Just take a look at the checklist for this week: 1) ears: done; 2) fingernails: done; 3) (if you have a boy) testicles: taking their 3-4 day trip from the abdominal wall to the scrotum; and 4) lungs walls: secreting “surfactant”.
What’s surfactant? It's basically what it sounds like: a surface-activated fat that helps your baby's little lungs inflate (where inflate = fill with air not get more expensive for no understandable reason).
In the meantime, your submerged baby is still breathing in their amniotic fluid (and a bit of pee), preparing and rehearsing their lungs for an oxygen-filled life outside the womb.
By the end of this week, your wee womb-squatter will be weighing in at a whopping 2 lbs and 14 inches long.
All this new weight means your tiny baby is actually starting to fill out their skin, but they're not anywhere near their adorable fat-baby potential.
Most of the fetal “filling out” is coming up in that long awaited (and slightly dreaded?) third trimester. Woo-hoo! Get ready!

And how's mom doing?
Your little one is moving (spinning, kicking, pirouetting, shimmying, and maybe even doing a bit of the Can-Can) so much these days that if you invite your friends and/or family to touch your belly there’s a good chance they’ll get a milder sample of what you’ve been experiencing.We recommend taking the belly-touching calmly and if it really offends you, just say something like: “I just fell in a large vat of anthrax.”
You may be feeling as if you've got a sign on your forehead that says, "Please touch my belly and ask how far along I am right now!"
For some obnoxious-yet-confusing reason, a visibly pregnant belly is often treated as public property and a silent invitation for belly touching.
We recommend taking the belly-touching calmly and if it really offends you, just say something like: “I just fell in a large vat of anthrax.” Or perhaps something a little less aggressive, like, “Please, at the very least, ask me before touching my body.”
There are of course many women who enjoy sharing this touching ritual with others. Find your comfort zone and good luck with the rest.


♥ Wina ♥ said…
weeee dah tau gender ek?? bestlah nak shopping nanti :-)

me pun sama, 2nd pregnancy mmg lebih cepat rasa baby's kicks

take care & all the best throughout ur pregnancy, Na!
CIK NANA said…
Aah, nanti nak start shopping. Online pun banyak. ;p
wanie amerie said…
dah tau ek baby apa..syok nya..
moga selamat semuanya kali nie..

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