A : I can see from your resume that you are not growing for the past 4 years you've been with the company.

B : Sorry, by the way who's in the line please?

A : I'm ***** from **.  I'm currently vetting through your resume in the Jobstreet.  I offer you to join our company and we ensure, within 6 months you will gain more knowledge as well as financially.

B : Owh, apparently you are looking at the outdated resume.  I haven't update the resume since a year ago.  You would be suprised if you know what my current company is able to benefit me in the same term as yours.  

A : Is it?  What's your current salary?  We can offer you RM ****.

B : That's too low my dear.  I'm gaining more here dear.  Anywhere, I'm not interested to join your company. But thank you for calling me.  End.


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