When I am thinking too much, my body react negatively...

I am so sad of what had happened to my hubby.
This is not so serious but for me, it is serious.
Yeah, I am the dependent.
I depends too much so that I afraid when I have to be independent.

So, I think a lot.
From hubby to baby to working.
I think how am I going to survive.
Yes, I think too much until I feel weak.

Thank God, I have family and friends who understood and offers an assistance.
It won't solve the problem right?
What if this things happen again?
So, I think this is the time.
I have to learn on how to be independent.

I think I can do that.
Yes, I can do that.

But now, I am terribly weak.
Vomited several times, feel dizzy.
I am weak.

I have to call my Dad now.


wanie amerie said…
sabar yer hani dugaan Allah utk hani..
sub doakan semoga semuanya baik2 belaka..
percayalah hani, disebalik semua ni ada hikmah tersembunyi & akan btkan hani jd seorang isteri,ibu yg lebih tabah & kental utk lalui dugaan yg mendatang.
CIK NANA said…
Tq sub. I will absolutely survive!
insya Allah.

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