Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Went to A Famosa and it was great!

Sabtu pagi, bertolak ke Melaka.
Owh sangat best.
Last minutes punya plan.
Tapi tetap menjadi.

Papa, Mama and Saif.
We really have fun.

I need to find my camera's cable first.
Donno where I put it.
Then only I'll update.



♥ Wina ♥ said...

impromptu vacations pun best kan? heheheee

CIK NANA said...

Aah. Even mcm kelam kabut berkemas sume. Tapi it worth it! ^_^

♥ Elin ♥ said...

melaka mmg super duper best! ;;hiiihiih

CIK NANA said...

Elin : Yes, 2 kali pegi. And both pon best! :)


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