Approaching end of the year...

Woot woot.
What best about December?
What I love most is the traffic!
Only during this month I can go to work > 7 am and arrived at 7.50 am.
Phew, I love that!

Herm, I do not shop much.
So I don't bother.

I'll be taking 1/2 day leave tom.
Spending time with loved ones.
Err, without Saif.
Jap ek sayang, Mama nak tengok wayang.

My BIL is getting married!
So, balik kampung from Friday to Tuesday.
I'll miss my big family's yearly gathering.
But it's OK. 
I'll make sure I can join for next year.
Insya Allah.

Lately I always browse through Groupon & Milkadeal.
They have a great deal.
But I do not buy any, or maybe YET.

So guys.
Happy holiday and enjoy the year end sale, or whatever related to year end.


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