Susah sebelum senang..

As planned earlier, Na nak amik block leave from 17th - 21st Oct.
Nine days in total inclusive the weekend.
So, before hari bahagia menjelang tiba.. 
 Na kena siapkan at least 2 papers by this week.
So that my boss will have an ample time to review before the real submission date..

Up to date, one is ready for the review.
Nak cuti lama, kena la keje kuat sikit untuk cover diri sendiri masa cuti nanti.

Owh another one is killing subject.
So, I need more time to collect the bones, meats before come out with the proper paper.
Haish, that's so difficult.
Tapi takpe, I'm learning and trying to catch up fast.
Reading is my new passion nowadays.

Doakan Na pantas sikit yek siapkan both papers.
Mode : susah hati
Ho ho ho

Tapi standard la kan, bak kata pepatah..

Berenang-renang ke hulu, berakit-rakit ke tepian...
Bersusah-susah dahulu, Bersenang-senang kemudian...

Macam tak sedap jek word bersenang tue? 
Err, Dr Faisal Tehrani.. sila beri tunjuk ajar...


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