Recent updates..

Haha, dah macam tajuk report lak.
Minggu lepas Na pening sebab tue. 
Then eventually it goes well. 
Of course some hiccups here and there that needs to be fixed later..
At least it is OVER now!

And talking about work, I am coping quite well.
Sometimes blur sebab tak pernah come accross with the subjects but my boss did help me so much!
Thank you boss!

Semalam makan magnum ice cream!
Bukan satu tapi dua!
Malam nie nak habiskan.
Sebab beli a pack of 3!

And about my lil baby, I love him so much.
Makin hari makin banyak kerenah but I love him..
I also love the big guy so much!
Tak sabar nak spending time together nanti bercuti!

That's it.
For now, bye peeps..


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