Putus sudah kasih sayang... Selamat tinggal MAXIS!

It has been 9 years. 
From prepaid to postpaid. 
 From mobile line to broadband. 
Sms Maxis, Call maxis, Mms Maxis, Surf Maxis..
Everything is Maxis.
Sampai la baru-baru nie, Na rasa the bills are so expensive.
I cannot believe that my usage is up to that amount.
That's it..
Bye bye Maxis.
Sms terakhir dari Maxis tadi : "We acknowledge your request to move.  Thank you for being with Maxis and we hope to serve you again in the future."
Seriously, rasa sayu.
Macam berpisah dengan a close friend..
Owh, mungkin nampak macam exaggerate but I really feel sad..
Tempat jatuh lagikan dikenang...
Actually, it's not only mine. 
I bring together my hubby's and mummy's line.
So again, bye bye Maxis.

Received a sms from my new operator: "Congratulations!  Your Celcom service has been activated.  Pls insert your Celcom SIM card now to start enjoying the Fastest Network, Widest Coverage.."
Teruja lak.
Tapi simcard ada dekat hubby.
So balik nanti baru tukar simcard and cuba line Celcom.
Kalau mahal gak, I'll change back to Prepaid..

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♥ Wina ♥ said…
eh, nana...samalah dengan ai..dah lama terminate maxis postpaid & still using prepaid tapi prepaid pun macam cepat je habis..top up rm10 dalam sehari dua boleh habis tp x guna sgt pun hurmmmmm
CIK NANA said…
Wina, I dah tak tahan.. Takkan I guna RM 130 sebulan? I kol sape?? Hubby pon dok serumah dah. Huhuh so try celcom.

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