The train has moved...

Na kategorikan diri Na skang di tahap cocoon.  Meringkuk di dalam balutan, tidak terdedah dengan persekitaran yang sepatutnya.  Tak mempunyai cukup pengetahuan.  Huhuh.  Tapi jangan lupa, semua manusia bermula dengan sifar.  And this is not the first time for me.  I've gone through the back to square situation before..  And it is workable.  At least for me.  And it proves that we actually can go through this.  Cannot deny the fact that it was hurt / difficult.  Very hard to go through.  ;(  But trust in yourself, do your best and pray to Allah.  Insya Allah, we can make it right.  Appreciate the experiences.  Be humble and learn from others.  That's my principle.

And now, I am desperate since the train is leaving!  I need to catch up the train or miss it.  ;(  Hopefully I can make this.  Amin...  Stress sikit skang.  Kena keja 150% lebih kuat.

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iyan shazlind said…
All the best nana...caiyuk2..:)

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