Hectic week...

I almost cry in the beginning of the week.
It was so tiring.
With all the hiccups and misunderstanding thingy.
Now I know that it's not easy to organize an event.
Moreover if it involves a large crowd!

So, for those who keep complaining, I wish U'll get the opportunity to incharge yours in the future.
Then only you know the difficulties..

And towards the end of week, things become better.
We manage to pass through the hurdle.
Thank you to my special assistants as well..
Huhuh, Inaz, Adek and Ady..
TQ so much, next year u can drag me in balik Inaz..

Now I am ready for tomorrow's event.
Maybank Global Corporate Social Responsibility.
Hopefully we'll enjoy the activities.
Till then, bye peeps.


amethyst said…
no worries.. i won't drag u along cuz i won't be in staff comm next year =b plz la mskkan org2 laen smp 'terlupe' nk mskkn kite muahahahaha

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