There's nothing cool of being late!

I hate those late-comers.
Like seriously, I do hate them.
If you were late for once in a month, that would be considered OK.
But if you are late for every single event?
Wouldn't it portray you as a disrespectful person to others?

Bla bla bla, you are terribly busy..  That's why you come late to the event..
Such a lame excuse.
Everyone is busy dude.
Stop acting like you are the only person who has thousand things to do!
It is so annoying.
Everyone has work to do.
It's depend on how you organize your job.
You get me?

If you are busy, come early to the event and we finish early.
Show some respect to the organizer and other units.
If you really can't do so, you have a major problem.
Your habit would let your career down.
If you are talking about being professional for other matters, there's nothing different when it comes to this case.

My worst experience : As an organizer, I need to wait for almost 30 minutes for the audiences to show up.  I need to call them to re invite, in case they're forget.  I was really pissed off.  It such a waste of my precious time.  As a consequences, I lost respect to the audiences.  It leaves a bad image to the individual...  Forever.

So check out your diary.
If you got any appointment at 1.15 pm, you better prepare your things and ready to go now. 
 Not 15 mins later!


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