Perlu selalu stayback ke?

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This is sooo not me.
No offense ek readers, this is just my personal view.

I won't stayback if I have nothing to do.
I won't stayback because my boss is not yet leave.
I won't stayback to impress others.
I won't stayback except I really need to do so.

If it's really required, I might not go home at all.
Well said...


amethyst said…
totally agree... if we dun hav anything else to do, who cares if we go home sharp at 5:45 right... but if we do, we could have a slumper party and spend the night at the office..

won't be the 1st time =b
Lady of Leisure said…
agree, we dont hv to sacrifice smp gitu skali just to please other ppl kan.. :)
CIK NANA said…
Amethyst : bingo! that's me, i'll leave if i have nothing to do. come on, ever heard of work-life balance? don't let it be a history.. ;p
CIK NANA said…
Lady of leisure : I'd rather please myself.. ;)

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