Resist to change?

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Na dapat tahu benda nie one day prior to the big day.
Sungguh, bingung.
Even sebelum tue dah mula dapat hint dari ramai orang.
People keep asking with the very sarcastic way which I could sense something is going to happen..
But I cannot do anything, just wait for the announcement...

And on that day, I attended another meeting and missed the announcement..
My friend texted to inform me and..

I wanted to cry, but what for?
I wanted to scream, but what for?
I wanted to yell, but what for?
I wanted to argue, but what for?

I am old enough to realize that things happen for a reason.
And this is not too bad.
I am old enough to understand that I won't get everything that I wanted to.
And I have to accept this.
With an opened arm.
With an optimist mindset.
With a positive attitude.

I should be grateful since I am the chosen one.
I should be happy since I got a special position.
And I have made up my mind to take this opportunity to learn as many as I could.
To enhance my capabilities.
To add value to myself.
Everything that I could grab as an employee, I would do.

Do not waste our time to keep arguing the management's decision.
They decide for the best of department.
And all we can do, is to make it happen..

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.  ~Victor Frankl


amethyst said…
i love that last quote =D

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