One happy week...


Isnin - Rabu, I've attended an external course organized by IBN International and it was held in JW Marriot,  KL.  I would rate the course, 4 out of 5.  It was an effective course, since the speaker allowed the 2 ways comm.  We discussed on the recent economics issues.  He gave a lot of examples which could tie back to our daily work and etc.  Ho ho ho.   I love the course.  :p  Owh, not to forget..  The lunch was superb.  Hahah..  We had lunch at 3 different restaurants in Starhills.  ;p  Shook, Tarbush and one western restaurant which I forgot the name.

Then, I took a day off yesterday.  Visited Mi Did, since I couldn't make it during her hospitalization..    *My bad*  She's still my sweet aunty, like always.  :(  Get well soon Mi Did.  We'll always pray for you.  I was then visited Maktok.  I miss her so much.  I need to catch up a lot of things which I couldn't do during the project implementation..  And now, I am free like a bird.  Heheh...  Love this feeling. 

Rushed back home after lunch since my BIL was on his way to my house.  Hubby and her bro watched the Chelsea vs Msia games last night.  Left me at home, with the lil baby, Saif. 

Today, Nana akan balik kampung.  Sampai selasa.  Both Sungai Petani and Bagan Serai.  Yea!!!  (",)  Pray for our safe journey. 



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