Mama love keje...

That was hurt.
When the 2 years old boy saying that when we're playing the "I love u" game, it should rang a bell.
At least to me.
The mother.

It was last night.
We are playing the usual game.
We screamed to each others.

Papa loves Saif.

Saif loves Mama.

And out of no where, my son screamed out loud and clear..

Mama loves keje!

Saif cuma 2 tahun ++.
Kids selalunya jujur kan?
So, what does it means?  ;(

I'm sure he noticed something.
Hubby fetch him at 7/8 pm everyday while I stayback in the office.
The earliest I'll go home is at 11pm.
The latest would be 2 am.
And the worst would be not going home at all like I have done earlier on May, as well as this weekend.
He see his Mama only in the morning before we off to work.
The rest he just see Papa.

But, I'm not saying that I regret to choose this path.
I'm the one who chose this.
I need to bear all the consequences.
I need to sacrifice.
So do hubby and Saif.

We're almost there.
Another 3 weeks and everything is DONE!
Now is too late to give up, just give it another chance....
Insya Allah.

Dear hubby, you have done a great job.
We'll celebrate once I finish all this.
Saif dear, yes Mama loves keje.
But do u know I love u more than any other things in the world?

I love you guys and I meant it.
Please give Mama some more weeks, and that's it!
I'll be yours...



iyan shazlind said…
nanti pasti saif memahami mamanya buat semua tu utk dia jugak :)

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