The journey ends here... (",)

Finally, we did it.
We reached our destiny, SAFELY.

Friday 24/06/11 : Evening

Semua berdebar-debar.  System is ready for users to check the configurations and fix if something is missing. 

When all are perfect, we're happy.  ;)  Now, just wait for the deal migration and off to take a nap.

Saturday 25/06/11 : Morning

We came in early and have a breakfast.  The system haven't ready for reval, adjustment etc.  Then. the waiting game is started.

Eventhough I'm nervous, I still can smile.  Hahah..

Still waiting for the time.  At this point of time, we were several hours behind the schedule and they have to catch up fast and make it back on track to allow us complete our task.  :(

With the teams.

And when the dealers gone home, our task started.
We only started our thingy at 5.50 pm.
Fuh...  And finish everything by 12 ++ am.
And the result is good.  ;p

Sunday 26/06/11 : Morning

Taken breakfast at Suria and tapau some pau for Var team.  ;)

They are happily eating the pau.

Waiting for the result.  ;)

I'm happy since I belive that we make it this time.  No more failure please...

Wahida, are u really working or what??

My temporary workstation, and I can watch TV from there...

That's the man.  Middle Office expert, Mr Kunal and Var expert, Mr Sharul and the understudy me..  :)

Sunday 26/06/11 : Afternoon
We've got the greenlight to GO LIVE! (",)
Syukur Alhamdulillah.
I had a mixed feelings.
Happy, sad, nervous etc.
Feel like crying.. :(

My partner in crime.  No, actually she's my team.  ;p  Thank you and well done for the best efforts you have put.

Wah, with the white board which stated all the timeline, tasks etc.
I would miss the board after this.  ;)

The original team.

VaR team pun berjaya jugak!

With the boss.

I will miss the bear as well.

I will bear the resposibilities..
And after the announcement of go live being made by boss, all of us are sooo happy and released (to be exact).



amethyst said…

super happy that everything went well this time.. amazing team to work with kn.. bonding without force =b

jom jojoba!!
Wanie said…
Congrats hani!!
CIK NANA said…
Inaz : best kan? pasnie sure rindu! :(

Sub : thank you.. ;)

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