Long tiring hours, with a NAY outcome... updated!

Monday to Monday.
Back to back.
The worst part would be from Friday to Monday.
96 hours, got to sleep for only 12 hours and there rest are my working hours..
Others are even more worse.
Only few hours of nap.

Still, it's a NAY though.
Sangat menegecewakan.

We have tried the best.
Mungkin belum masanya untuk berjaya.
Takkan berhenti separuh jalan.

We have to give another chance, another try, just one more time..
Go guys!
We can do it!

Updated on 040511.
Fuh, bila baca balik blog nie baru perasan banyak salah.
Eja salah, ayat salah. bla bla bla.
Memang confirm la kronik, tak cukup tido! ;p


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