On my sun's birthday..

It's Sunday, 27/03/11.  He's been living for 34 years..  I'd suppose to work, but family comes first ma..  ;p  I prefer to stayback on normal day, but not to work on his special day...  ;)

We ate some western foods.

For the first time in our marriage, hubby brought me to karok.  But see, my lil boy showed his talent!  ;p  But only for half an hour, after that sudah nangis2.  ;)

Some massage theraphy.  With B2B services from lil Saif.

Wish you enjoy the day, darling.  I'm too busy to get some special gift for you as u did..  (alasan)  But I'll get one for you.  Later ye sayang.  Again, selamat hari lahir sayang! 






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