His SECOND years of LIFE!

Rasanya baru je Mama tulis ENTRY KASIH SAYANG nie. 
And tomorrow, u'll be a year older Dear Saif... 
Herm, we've been together for 2 years, 9 months ++ (plus the sweet memory when u were still in my womb) Saif.. 
Everyday is just so lovely. 

Hari nie, Mama kena keja.  I've been so busy lately Sayang... 
We'll be spending our precious time together esok.
Exactly on 20/02/11.
When u are 2 years old.  ;p

Dear Saif Rizq,

My eyes miss you..
My feelings love you..
My hand needs you..
My mind calls you..
My heart is just for you.

Papa and Mama love you so much.
Selamat Hari Lahir yang KEDUA Saif Rizq.


sabrina.h said…
happy 2nd birthday saif rizq ;)

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