I am just an ordinary person.  I felt very bad when received latest info that the script prepared by consultant is not working well.  In other word, it failed.  :(  I kept thinking of that all night long.  U know why, I've been putting so much effort to implement that thingy.  I prepared everything from scratch.  I wanted it to be there, in the system, automated, so that no manual intervention is needed.... 

And today, after one year.  Consultant said it cannot be done...  :(  The news haven't spread yet.  So, till now only me and one close colleague knew bout this.  Wait till the news explode.  For sure, I'll be scolded.  Even it is for sure : NOT MY FAULT.  The script was not working.  Is that my fault?  No, it wasn't.  But people can be really mean when the things don't go the way they wanted it to be..... :(

That's the area you have to mentally prepared when you be in a project.  You just can explain things, prepare a worksheet, provide the workflow...  But that's it.  In the end, you will be depending on the system outcome.  If it failed..  That's it. 

But luckily, I have a PLAN B.  Still, I need to test the functionality first.  I hope, by today..  When other parties heard about the failure of previous script...  They can chill a bit.  Meet me for a clarification.  Please do not scold me straight away...  Simply because I myself can lost my temper.  Remember?  We work as a team..  Hahah...



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