Secebis nota

Owh, comelnya hotel kat AU nie..  Huhuh..  Na terlupa nama hotel & link dia..  Later Na carik balik and share k?  Futuristik sikit yet cute!

Herm, am working today.  Hopefully Saif enjoy staying with the best daddy in the world..  :p  TQ for being such a wonderful daddy and hubby, Bang.  I love u. 

Working since 10 am, rest for an hour lunch.  Now terasa bosan sket and take the opportunity to update this lovely blog.  No worries boss, I'll finish my job within the timeline agreed.  Promised!  :0

I have made up my mind.  Akan spend sedikit wang untuk spa & massage.  Untuk kebaikan sendiri jugak kan?  Been so exhausted lately..  :( 

Owh, I've been giving so much and will continue giving.  Till I feel tired and walk away. 


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