Update on CAH!

Pagi nie, I called CAH again for an update as NOBODY calling me to inform any status.
The guy said that they were not receive the final GL yet.

Ok, to be blunt :
I won't be soooooooooooooooo mad if a rep from CAH call me to update the current status.

Sama macam kes semalam.
Na takkan mengamuk kalau within the waiting time of 4 hours tue ada staff yg datang update.
Nie tak.
Senyap jek!
Kalau jauh sangat nak kena jalan pegi bilik, just make a call!
U have the phone no, u also have my hp no!
Just call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kalau senyap, boleh settle than ok.
Nie senyap and tak boleh settle!

My opinion is :-

1) When doctor instructed to isolate the patient..  The staff handling the admission should straight away issue the letter upfront.  And make a note to inform the next staff who handle the discharge.  In this case, nothing has be done.  Luckily, I made a note at the admission form so that I have something to backing me.  And the staff yang handle discharge pulak should read the admission form AGAIN, if there is any exceptional condition.  So that she can prepare and fax the meant docs to Medijaring accordingly!

2) Staff yang handle discharge counter semalam should update me within the first hour she claimed that couldn't reach Medijaring helpline.  Bukannya tunggu sampai patient pegi tanya seniri!  I marah sebab 4 jam tunggu tahu x??  What make thing worse was staff tue membebel kat I pulak pasal Medijaring tak jawab call or whatnot.  Kalau betul Medijaring tak jawab call from Hospital, use another line.  Or u should use ur handphone!  Do whatever needed to make things done!  Nie tak, I pulak yang kena call bagi dia cakap????????????  

 Notes from unhappy customer : 
a) I will email the links to CAH & Medijaring for their feedbacks.
b) I experienced this twice.  That's why I pissed off.  The first time I have to wait around 2 hours ++ and yesterday it was doubled the time!
c) The parties involved are Medijaring and CAH. 
d) I might consider to go to SDMC or PMC in future.


gerammm okeh baca post pasal CAH ni...cam taik....ntah apa2...dh la private tp service bagos lagi HKL...ni nk kena ajar ni.apa lagi komplen jer and post je kat maner2 forum....
HaninFarshid said…
SDMC best....memang tu famous hospital...tapi ramai sangat patient...

Sunway Medical centre pun best...u should try there..service memang tip top setakat nie...dari hanin lahirkan kyra...and then kyra masuk hospital kat sana....hanin and family hanin pun pernah admit kat hospital tu..memang takde prob...we're happy with the service ;)sabar eh,nana...tapi hanin baca pun memang marah...

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