Update on CAH thingy... Again???


Again, I called CAH for an update this afternoon since nobody is calling me..
I straight away asked the receptionist to transfer me to customer care i/o billing dpmt.
I talked to Veno (sorry if I wrongly spell ur name)..
He promised to investigate and revert within ONE HOUR time.

I received a call from Pn Intan (CAH's Finance Manager) at 2.15 pm.
She informed me that Medijaring requested :-

1) Paed's report
2) Paed's letter regarding isolation

which are yet to be prepared as Dr Florence is quite busy today.
She apologied for what had happened.
And she also mentioned that her GM has forwarded my email which sent at 8.22 am today as below :-

I will continously update the cronology, so that it will be fair for both sides.
I'm waiting for ur update, Puan Intan..

And FYI, I met Dr Florence around 12 pm ++ on 20/11/10.
And she was so shocked to see me still in the ward.
I've informed her that I was waiting for insurance claim and she said that, 'this was too long already, it might take one hour but cannot be this long.'


Puan Ina from Finance Dpmt, CAH called me at 4.24 pm and informed that CAH already received the final GL which cover ALL the expenses.
See, I would be happy if people keep updating me the status.
Cik Nana budak baik.
Mana ada marah2 tak tentu pasal.

So, CAH will refund the deposit to my debit card.
So, I considered this issue as partially settle.
Since I don't get my deposit yet.

And owh, just received another call from Puan Intan (Finance Manager, CAH) at 4.53 pm.
She pre-warned me regarding the manual refund as it might take 3 weeks to 1 month.
I can accept it.
I myself is a banker.
So, I understand that.

Puan Intan minta maaf banyak2 for what had happened.
Saya maafkan Puan.
Cuma, cuba letak diri Puan dalam situasi saya..
a) tunggu 4 jam
b) anak sakit
c) letih sebab dah 4 hari stay in ward
d) staff in charge lebih kurang dengan saya
Itu antara sebab2 yang membuatkan saya hilang sabar.

Notes : I will not remove the previous entry regarding CAH.  So that other people can have an idea if they want to go to CAH.


Zezzatty said…
Im thinkin to share same exp kt my blog tp xde masa nk tulis pjg so i make it short n simple kt sini aje lah..

First,their registration counter mmg sux to the max..i penah skali tu dtg nk checkup n i clearly mention nk byr sendiri,xnk guna ING punya benefit.tp bila kt billing dept,dia punya charges ialah insurance punya charges..u guys must knw,there's a diff klo self pay dgn claim insurance,which is self pay mmg jauh murah dr claim insurance..so i hv to wait bout another 30mins utk diaorg process bill baru.

Kitorg pon exp bnda yg sama masa nk dischargekn rayna..dr dtg kul 9 ckp bole keluar tp kitorg keluar hosp pukul 1tghari..mmg berasap!!!dhla masa tu hari ahad,bknnye ramai org pon..

Yg plg lawak masa nk refund deposit..bygkanlah alasan mamat yg duduk kat kaunter tu ialah TAKDE CASH nk bg blk deposit n we need to come back to collect the moneyy.WTF?mmg sebakul i maki tp still..duit xdpt pon tp puas hati..korg xbole expect ke org nk discharge on sunday smpai xde cash bagai????bangang btol.bknnye hosp cap ayam pon!!

Kejadian lain ialah masa pregnantkn rayna iaitu masa nk byr bill..time tu system diaorg down..sejam haku bole sbr lg..tp klo dh smpai 2jam nk kne tunggu tu mmg sorryla kn..korg xde backup kee???xbole buat manual billing???

I think masa nana dtg visit rayna sakit tu is the last time lh kot kitorg bg chance kt cah..i pon dh decide xnk bersalin lg kt situ after wht we go tru..mcm masa rayna dulu kitorg dpt 2 bedded sdgkn hubby punya insurance cover utk 1 bedded tp dia kata 1bedded diaorg reserved utk org bersalin..i sound blk ckp can u treat 1st come 1st serve??mcmla ribu2 org nk beranak satu hari kt situ!

Nurses ada yg helpfull,ada yg tak..kebykknnye mmg tak.midwife2 je yg ok kt situ..

Diaorg mmg kne improve lg klau nk maju..tp utk kitorg dtg lg...mungkin tidak kot kecuali emergency gila2 lah..

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