Pre --> Post Admission @ Columbia Asia Hospital under Medijaring

Selepas Na fikir masak2.
Na akan tulis entry nie secara rasional.

Lil Saif has been admitted @ Columbia Asia Hospital (CAH) dd 17th Nov 2010.
Yup, during Aidiladha.
Due to constant vomiting and diarrhea.
Sampai lembik sebab Saif tak makan, minum for the whole day.

And let's analyze the situation.

PRE-ADMISSION dd 17/11/10

I received a reference letter from Klinik Selva, Puchong.
So, we directly went to the Emergency Room.
There, we need to register at the Registration Counter.
Because Saif already had record with the hospital, then the registration just required less than 5 mins!
Bravo to CAH.
Then we met the MO.
Check temp, weight, take stool's sample etc.
Then the nurse asked me to register at the Admission Counter 1st as Saif need to be warded due to the dehydration.
I gave the Mykid, Insurance card to the guy as the admission counter.
I waited 15 - 20 mins.
And then he asked me to sign several forms.
I READ the docs before I signed them off.
Until I saw one note stated :-
* Patient will pay the differences.
I confronted the guy for an explanation of the note.
He explained that I need to pay the differences as Saif will be placed in a single room i/o double bedded.
I said that I haven't request to upgrade the room and he mentioned that that was INSTRUCTED by docs as Saif is having diarrhea.
I informed the guy that if doc instructed, then Medijaring will cover ALL of the expenses but he didn't agree to my statement.
I straight away called Medijaring helpline and was informed exactly the same with what I already informed the guy.
Razi, Medijaring also informed that he already explained it to the rep from CAH who recently called him for GL.
Once again, I confronted the guy and told the same thing.
Then he agreed but he asked me to sign the same form which has the note * Patient will pay the differences.
I make my own note in that form * Medijaring will pay ALL expenses as Hospital instructed for an isolation as confirmed with Razi, Medijaring.
He quite shocked to see my handwriting in his official form. 
Did I care?


After final check up at 9 am, Paeds allowed Saif to discharge.
Understand that Discharge Counter might need some time to settle the payment, I patiently waited in my room.
Till 12 pm, nobody from the Discharge Counter came for an update.
So, I went and asked the status.
She said that she failed to contact Medijaring since this morning.
I asked her, why don't she come and update us so that we could try to call or whatnot to make the process becomes faster????
We have waited for several hours!
She said nothing. 
I called Medijaring in front of her and within 3 ringing, somebody picked up.
I handed my phone to her and let she did her job.
Almost one hour later (or even more!), I asked the status again.
She said she couldn't contact Medijaring.
Again, I contacted Medijaring using my hp and passed to her.
Can somebody from Medijaring tell me, do u guys blocked the call from Hospital but receive call from individu as what mentioned by her?????????????????
The Medijaring guy said that patient need to pay diiferences as we asked to upgrade the room! 
I am so pissed off when she said I need to pay the differences as I requested the single room!
Total is RM 300 ++.
Will u pay for something that u never asked for?
Nope right?
Why bother to pay when it is covered?
I couldn't hold myself to scream at her!
For not reading the notes in the admission form.
Medijaring won't know that CAH is actually instructed for isolation if CAH does not give a letter.
So, the girl at the Discharge Counter didn't give the letter because she didn't read the admission form with * notes by me!
She was then agreed to release us BUT I need to pay deposit of RM 300 but is refundable.
Saif is crying, me and Papa already tired waiting for the tedious clumsy stupid procedure, so I just paid RM 300 so that we can quickly get off from the CAH!

I encountered the same STUPID DAMN things during Saif's first admission.
And it continue to happen and seems like nothing has be done to improve the procedure.
Honestly, we might upgrade the room if docs did not isolated Saif.
In that case, we'll bear the cost.
But at this time, we WON'T!

I done with my part!
I commented in the feedback form.
Panjang lebar.
The same comments as last admission.
But nothing has changed.
Things happened again.
Columbia Asia Hospital, Puchong! 
Please do something to achieve ur mission, 21st Century Healthcare??


jetsetter said…
im sorry to hear about this..
too bad u had to face all this silly things..haihhh ..
Zezzatty said…
good one!InsyaAllah i'll share mine..!

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