Hola KK- 1st day!

03rd October 2010
We woke up early in the morning and I felt extremely excited of having family vacation in KK.
My moon opened his eyes when I did laundry and I asked hubby's favor to bath the lil baby.
Everything just went well, till he slipped in the bathroom.
Jatuh terlentang.

He cried out loud.
We calmed him down and rub his head.
And pray everything would be OK.

Off we went to LCCT.
In the cab, I noticed that there was a scratch at his head.
The reason why he's still saying "akit", "akit" which meant hurt.

Sian anak Mama yang jatuh tue..

My sun and my moon.

Ok, ini kali pertama dan terakhir Na pakai shawl.


Then, he eventually slept once we boarded.

Arrived at KK around 1.20 pm and took a cab to Promenade Apartment.
We booked a studio suite as THIS PICS.

After checked in, the greeter showed us the door to exit from the office.
Once we were out, everything was so confusing.
There are rooms surrounding you and there was nobody to show us the direction.

Then we met a guard at the apartment's lift and what made thing worse was he showed us the wrong direction.
I was so angry as we need to walk 5-7 mins to the wrong way.
The second guard we met showed us the correct way.
Bilik tue di celah-celah rumah orang.
Susah nak cari.
And lorong nak sampai ke bilik agak gelap and scary.

Once entered the room, I was sooooooooo delighted to see the beautiful room exactly as shown in the website.
I used the toilet and urghhhhh..
The toilet was smelly!
Nie bukan bilik sewa RM 40 semalam!
This was not suppose to happen.

I immediately call the front office and ask to upgrade the room to Promenade Hotel instead.
Luckily there was an available Deluxe Room and we walked to the hotel which located in front of the Apartment.
The room looked like THIS.

Menghadap laut.
This time, we satisfied with the room.

Saif saw the bath tub and happily ajak Papa mandi dalam tue.

Owh, can I stop here 1st?
Will update later, with more piccas.
And some dramas.


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