Kerja bank, bonus banyak ke?

Ok, selepas sekian lama ditanya.
Hari nie Na ulas sket.
Sikit saja k?

The answer would be, it depends..

On which bank are u serving.

On which department are u working.

On what is ur title/position.

On how is ur performance.

On what is the bank's profit.

On how is the current economic condition.

And the list goes on...

One fine day, I was in the LRT from Tmn Bahagia to Plaza Rakyat.
Right in front of me are 3 people, talking about the advantages of working in banks.
Most probably they're not in this field ; assumed according to their nametag. :)

Guy A said that Bank A offers damn great benefits.
From no of leaves, to the maternity coverage.
Wow, I smile.

Lady X said, she heard that Bank B (which I'm currently working with) just gave out the bonuses to the staffs which are up to 6-10 months per person.
The guy A and C are stunned and they're so amazed with the news.
End up with all of them agreed to send resume to Bank B.

This is what we call, rumours.
It spreads all over the world and is more hazardous than cancer.
Because it was really NOT TRUE.

Come on.
I'm the staff ok.
Yes, we're soon to get our bonuses but not already got em.
And talking bout the range, 6-10 months per pax?
Herm, I should repeat it depends..
On the things highlighted in RED as above.

Might be MORE, and might be LESS.
Don't ask me about other banks.
As I myself heard a lot of rumours news.

CIMB Investment : 36 months bonuses.
Public Bank : Ex gratia.
Bank Rakyat : Family day to London (ni logic sket)

Boleh jadi betul dan tidak.
Sila tanya diorang sendiri.
As for me, I already answered honestly.


CikLilyPutih said…
gile 36 months. mrbig pun cakap dapat sket je bukan spt yang digambarkan lah
Anonymous said…
You are not right. I am assured. I can prove it. Write to me in PM.

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