Semua tentang esok, dan minggu ini!

Yeah, I'll be on leave tomoro.
One day only.
Owh, I should take more kan?
Heheh, I'll keep the remaining leaves for our KK and Bangkok trip later.

I feel happy despite of one bongok thing that happened this week.
It's OK.
I strongly believe on the simple phylosophy of life.
What goes around comes around.

So, chill.
I won't crack my head just to think of those nonsense stupid rubbish thingy!

I would like to watch movie tomoro.
I love to watch Inceptions but will nego with hubby 1st.
Because tomoro would be our day.
If I choose the movie, then he'll decide the foods we're gonna eat.
Give and take, compromize each others will make ur marriage life sweeter!

Gembira la la.
Owh hey, saya tidak sombong la.
Boleh datang sembang la la la la.
Tapi kalau kamu tidak approachable, mana mungkin saya boleh masuk territory kamu?


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