Ubat ini akan mengakibatkan anda lapar!

1 pm, gerak from office straight headed to SDMC.
OK I lied, we had lunch first at Subang Jaya.
Lucky me, called to see Doc once registered at the counter!

Sungguh frustrated when there's still a NODULE in my right eye.

Doc told me that it's a normal nodule and should be recovered using the eye drops only.
Basically, it doesn't work for me.

So, I received the 3 sets of antibiotics.
Euww.. Pahit!

And the doc warned me at prior of the side effect of those pills.
U might starving but try not to eat everytime u feel hungry!
Owh apakah?
Tanpa pil itu pun I selalu lapar!!!!

Heheh, hopefully those antibiotics work!
I'm not comfortable having the nodule in my eye!
Insya Alah.


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