Si cengeng dah banjir tapi dia perlu kuat!

There maybe times..
When things aren't the way we hope it to be..
Everything looks impossible and we feel like just GIVING UP!

But then..
We have to give it another CHANCE, another TRY, just ONE more time..
Take things..
A step at one time.

Do what works BEST for us..
Keep on BELIEVING that you can do it..

Look out for the POSITIVE light to shine on us..
We may just find that..

What seem DIFFICULT has just been MADE RIGHT!

Emosi terganggu, my baby is down by fever and I can't find way to take care of him.
Insya Allah, he'll recover soon.
Please baby, I felt damn guilty not to be with you during this time.
Mama loves you.
And so do Papa.


senioritasara said…
saif..get well soon strong ok dear

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